JavaScript Master Class

Virtual Edition

JavaScript is hot and getting hotter. If you're at the intermediate or advanced level in your JavaScript practice, now's the best time to level up to expert with our JavaScript Master Class.

What: JavaScript Expertise, Served Up Hot
Where: Online! Learn JavaScript in your Pyjamas
When: No date is set for the next class yet
Who: Amy Hoy, Thomas Fuchs... and you

This course is 100% framework agnostic! You will learn boatloads, whether you use Prototype, jQuery, Mootools, node.js, or just your own naked cleverness.

Do you need this course?

Good question.

Do you...

Don't worry if you don't—yet. You will after you put yourself through our JavaScript Master Class.

What You'll Learn

All of the above, of course. Plus...

Laugh along as you learn how to wield sharp-edged, higher-order language features like a pro.

Study the enemy—the browser—in detail, so you know best how to conquer it.

Ensure accuracy, no matter the changes in terrain, with unit testing.

Master the production techniques of the, er, masters: code architecture, code management, unit testing, and deployment tools.

What You'll Take Home with You

You don't just get the course, you get goodies:

Not to mention a learning hangover. One of the good kinds.

Here's what past participants say!

Q&A Sessions Included

This course is highly interactive!

You have at your disposal, for questions and assistance, the inimitable Austrian Thomas Fuchs, author of Scriptaculous and Zepto.js, and Amy Hoy, famed for her right-brainy Ruby and JavaScript tutorials & makers of Freckle Time Tracking!

Currently, there's no class scheduled. Use the box below to let us know that you're interested (no obligations!) and we'll email you once we schedule one! (and, the best is that we send coupon codes out as well—learn JavaScript and save $$$!)

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Amy Hoy

Amy Hoy Amy's the most famousest designer in the Ruby on Rails world, known for her gut-bustingly funny laugh-out-loud tutorials, great explanatory graphics, and apt metaphors. She's got over 10 years' experience in explaining technical concepts in an entertaining and understandable way.

You may know her from her site, Unicorn Free or her writing in .Net Magazine and ThinkVitamin. She's @amyhoy on Twitter.

Thomas Fuchs

Thomas Fuchs Thomas' framework was created during the development of one of the most highly interactive applications the Web had ever seen. And it's gone on to be used in such web sites & applications as,,, and more.

Thomas is currently working on Zepto.js, future versions of Prototype, curating MicroJS and consulting with large companies for their craziest, stickiest JavaScript needs.

He writes about JavaScript and web technology at and on Twitter @thomasfuchs.